One of the greatest things that has come out of writing a blog has been that it has given us a window for clients to look through, to actually see what we do to get boats sold and delivered to their new owners.
Before social media we had to describe, which at times must have sounded a scary, may be even ridiculous, propositions of transporting an over 55' boat by road from the Mediterranean to the UK and it arriving in one piece.
We hope the following footage helps to see if done correctly and by professionals it’s not only a massive cost saving but also gives us and our clients a much bigger search radius to find the right boat at the best price.
All the logistics are arranged in house on behalf of the purchaser or the seller if they want us to pick up their boat and bring it to Weymouth for us to market.
If you have any questions on the cost involved in moving a boat to Weymouth or you have found a boat we have for sale and you would like to discuss shipping or transport back to the UK, stop by the office or give us a call.


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