The red diesel purchased prior to departure from UK to Belgium (and any EU marinas and ports) must pay the full 100% duty
The Cruising Association (CA) Regulations and Technical Services Group (RATS) has released a statement saying that Belgian authorities will continue with the agreement for UK pleasure vessels visiting Belgium. The vessels will still have to use British red diesel in the engine fuel tanks for propulsion, at least for 2019.
The CA press release states: “The conditions are the same as before, in that all diesel purchased prior to departure from the UK to Belgium, or other EU maritime States’ marinas and ports, must pay the full 100% duty (and not any lower duty rate) on all the fuel and that it is recorded on the signed invoice for the purchase. This invoice must be on board the vessel (such as with the boats log) in the unlikely event any inspecting Customs official should wish to see it as proof of the duty payment.”
The Belgian authorities have said that if there are any changes to the agreement, which was also in place last year, they will notify the Regulations and Technical Services Group in good time so that the Cruising Association can inform CA members and the sailing community.
This agreement will be in place throughout the 2019 sailing season, the CA says, but advise boaters that if they have any concerns to contact the staff of the first marina they are stopping at to confirm they will have no problem with their visit.

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