A quick delivery to Brighton via the Solent, as the conditions south of St Catherine’s on the Isle of Wight were forecasted to be a little bumpy.
On arrival to the Fairline Phantom 40 in Weymouth Marina, I can’t help but notice the immaculate state of the vessel, all JD Yachts stock boats are polished and cleaned prior to delivery which makes my job interesting trying to keep her clean during a passage.
If I were to win some money on the lottery, this would be one of my short listed boats to buy as the Fairline Phantom 40 is very easy to handle shorthanded; in fact I had calculated that in five long strides you can be at the stern of the vessel to throw the line around a cleat.
At sea the Fairline Phantom 40 handles beautifully with excellent seating positions with all the electrics to hand, plotter placed nicely and the seaward views out of the windows were clear and easy.
In the Solent in restricted visibility and under a rain cloud, the wipers performed beautifully, which is a must in my mind on all boats but some do not perform in the same manner as the Fairline Phantoms.  The optional air vents cleared the screen in minutes and the radar over lay on the plotter displayed a clear image.
On arrival to Brighton Marina the new owner and his family were filming us coming alongside looking over joyed to see their new purchase of their Fairline Phantom 40.


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