The client we sold the Nimbus 380 Commander to was so confident in his recommendation by a previous client of ours he asked us to arrange the purchase and delivery without visiting the vessel. After completion we had our skipper take it to Lake Yard in Poole to be lifted out and placed on to the transporter to be delivered to Poland.
Nimbus Delivery
Weymouth to Poole - Lake Yard
I was due to deliver the Nimbus 380 Commander on a Monday morning in time for a lift out on to a lorry at 10:00am, however, like all Captains, I watched the weather over the weekend in detail and with a Force 8 forecasted, I decided to come to Weymouth on the Sunday evening and deliver her early before the weather sets in.
The first thing I check on arrival is the general condition of the vessel and yet again another JD Yachts brokerage boat in superb condition. The engine bay were accessed through the rear hatches, so engine checks were made easy. Inside and down below I felt at home, with her differing levels, saloon and galley together which is something I like and rather sociable. The helm and navigators seat on the next level, a perfect layout, allowing for great views across her bow, with instruments and switches to hand. I love the port and starboard doors from the helm level allowing for quick and easy access to the side decks, thus making the Nimbus Commander a good solid single-handed vessel.
Behind the helm, the stairs lead to the fly bridge where you are presented with the stainless steel mast, which folds down if needed. A safe layout for a young family, if you were to carry the little ones and a good commanding position for the helm. Taking her initially from the fly bridge, I also felt she wasn’t top heavy and her handling was a breeze.
The rest of the passage to Poole was very straight forward cruising at 20 knots with the wind behind me. A little bumpy going on the inside passage at St Albans ledge but nothing the Nimbus 380 Commander couldn’t handle.
On the finals to Poole harbour at 23:00pm the Simrad radar worked perfectly and she quietly took me safely in to the rather tight entrance into Lake Yard marina.


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