The British summer has finally arrived and we are busy with new listings, delivering them to Weymouth to be sold on our brokerage berths. This week our Captain Ben Harris saw the opportunity to bring over a stunning Sealine F43 from Brixham on a perfect sunny, flat calm day.
Ben recalls his delivery from his log:
"We arrived safely to Brixham marina via taxi, passing all the holiday traffic that is now building in the south west. A check-in to the marina office to sign the appropriate paper work and hand over of keys. A short walk to the vessel on the eastern pontoons to find a beautifully polished and immaculately clean Sealine F43 was waiting for us.
I went about my start up pre delivery inspections in the engine room, noting along the way that the engines look very well maintained and amazed that the bilges are so clean. She started perfectly with no struggle or hesitation.
My crew and I then prepare and talk about the delivery in detail, marking our routes on to the chart and marking our passage plan with our shore contacts and starting the ships log entries in accordance with the SOLAS V regulations.
We depart Brixham happy that the hull is clean, we increase the revs up to speed and cruise on a bearing of 87 degrees, due east, and the visibility is 20 miles or more. Maintaining a good look out we apply the sun cream, sitting on the fly bridge.
The journey across Lyme Bay seemed quick as we carried out our duties, checking our location with soundings, GPS, Radar and 3 point fixes looking through the compass binoculars, also spotting Portland Rescue helicopter moving quickly beneath the cliffs of Portland.
Rounding the Bill of Portland was challenging as we had strong spring tides against us, the fishing pots pushed hard under water making them difficult to spot, but the Sealine handled well in a slalom type manner missing everything.
Finals in to Weymouth and mooring alongside JD Yachts brokerage berths was effortless."

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