As kids we'd count down the days to our summer holidays and as teenagers each summer felt like it was our last. As adults we either miss the summer altogether caught up with work or running our kids around. Life definitely has its own natural order. One way or another summer is to each of us something we all look forward too.
Boating is an all year round pursuit, here in the UK we are a hardy bunch, but a summer's weekend cruise is always in the back of our minds. There is nothing better than feeling the sun on your back while at anchor in your special bolt hole, just the right distance from your home berth, to blow the weeks stress away and sit and bask in the freedom that owning your own boat brings.
There has not been a better time to buy in my opinion, and unfortunately with many summers now behind me, I'm in the position to give this sound advice. Now is the time to buy!
We are reducing prices like never before and boats are arriving to our brokerage berths and being listed each week and the choice is there like I have never seen before, but the summer is only so long.
Take a look at what we have recently listed on new arrivals or on our Facebook page or better still call us at the office and we will tell you what great deals there are out there to be done now, you could be in the sun sooner than you think!


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