It’s that time of year again; Southampton boat show will be fast upon us starting on the 13th September, running until the 22nd. Out of all the boat shows in the calendar, Southampton is our favourite, being on the South coast and being on the water and hard standing, it has always had a lot to offer to its visitors and exhibitors, a pleasant day out to see what’s new and existing in the marine world.
As a brokerage we get very busy leading up to the show, during and after with viewings. As you can imagine the buzz of the show lifts the idea of ownership to the forefront, being able to view so many different types, sizes and layouts in one place can help narrow the search down considerably.
Staying faithful to our vendors I have to say that any buyer in the market looking at placing thier deposit on a new order or stock boat would always do well to call us or come and visit Weymouth during the show period so you can compare the savings that can be currently made on the pre-owned market, also to get that much needed reality check on the real depreciation you could be looking at when buying new and selling in the first 2-5 years.
We currently have some 140 vessels on the market 60 of which are here in the UK. You can currently visit us in Weymouth and see anything from 20' to 65' for sale, so your trip to Weymouth would not be wasted. Another handy tool to use while at the show is your iPhone or Android devices to browse our mobile site to compare the makes and models you like to see what the current asking prices are, or give us a call and we will do our best to give you the best advise we can. Sometimes the deals being offered are so good it’s hard to match if you want to buy new, but it’s always best to seek a unbiased opinion before signing on the dotted line, being a brokerage house we are not tied to any of the manufacturers for new boat sales.
We wish all clients a great time at the show, especially at the Guinness stand, and hope to see you in and around the show.

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