As you may remember from our last blog, we were pleased to recently handover the beautiful Galeon 550 Fly to her proud new owner, Mr J and since then, the Galeon and Mr J have been very busy!
Setting off from Germany, the Galeon has made the 2500 nautical mile journey to her new home marina in Spain and we were delighted to follow them each step of the way!
Setting sail from Kiel onboard a ship, the Galeon was enroute to Palma for the first leg of the journey.
All was well until bad weather struck in the English Channel and the ship, along with many others, was forced to see refuge in the Baie de la Seine, waiting for the storm to pass before continuing on.
Despite the delay, Mr J, was pleased to see the Galeon arrive safely in Majorca, unloaded from the ship and ready for the final stage of her journey to mainland Spain.
For this leg, Mr J took the helm and enjoyed the beautiful sights on the way! From the La Seu Cathedral to the Castell de Bellver, the voyage out of Palma featured some stunning landmarks.
Following an enjoyable couple of days at sea, Mr J, confirmed their safe arrival at her new home berth and what a sunset she was welcomed with!
To conclude the relocation, our team were pleased to visit Mr J and the Galeon in Spain to wish him all the very best and to provide the bubbles of course!
We wish Mr J and all his family and friends many memorable and enjoyable times on the Galeon and we very much look forward to helping again in the future!


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