Following the sale of our client’s Fairline Phantom 46 at the end of last year, her new owner, Mr G, had an epic journey ahead of him, relocating her from Corfu to Turkey.
Whilst we offered to connect Mr G with one of our trusted Captains, Mr G felt that the journey would be a brilliant experience and a chance to get accustomed to his new Phantom and we were very pleased to follow him on his journey and to receive regular updates.
The journey began in sunny Gouvia Marina, Corfu where Mr G along with a friend prepared for the first leg of their journey, setting out from the East side of the island, some 60 nautical miles along the Greek coast to the Lefkas Canal. With its bright blue waters and amazing surrounds, it is no surprise why Mr G wanted to pass through the canal.
After passing through the 3.5 mile long straight, dodging the sand spits and North-Easterly winds, Mr G and his friend travelled on to the Greek town of Pylos, on the idyllic Ionian Coast where they took a short break to meet with friends and re-charge their batteries for the rest of their trip… crossing the Aegean Sea.
Covering some 215,000 square kilometres, the Aegean Sea gives the perfect connection between Greece and Turkey. Scattered with Aegean Islands, Mr G had to navigate his way across the Sea to his next stop, Ayvalik on the West coast of Turkey, where the Turkish flag would be the finishing touch to his brilliant new vessel.
Following the addition of the new flag, which contrasts the bright white colour of the Phantom, Mr G looked forward to the final leg of his journey, through Turkish waters to Istanbul.
We are pleased to report that Mr G and friends made it safely to Ayvalik earlier this month after what was an epic journey, seeing and visiting some amazing places on the way.
We wish Mr G many more memorable times onboard his Fairline but perhaps a slightly shorter journey is on the cards for next time!
Author – Jessica


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