It now appears that the cold weather will be well and truly behind us as from next week, warmer conditions are fast approaching, which is fantastic news for our active boaters out there.
Here at JD Yachts we have had a very busy few weeks completing on a number of boats and actively handing them over. This coming weekend we see the delivery of a Fairline Phantom 40 to Harwich to be shipped to Finland, our Northern European friends actively buying before the spring season starts over there and more importantly now that the ice is finally melting!
Increasing in trend, we have more arrivals in to Portland next week for refits, engine servicing, antifouling and polishing before delivery which is great to see, our team working hard to continue with JD's professional detailed approach.
Whilst the winter is firmly behind us and that we are all going to enjoy the warmer weather and calmer seas, it is worthwhile remembering the importance of a check-list before going to sea:
  • Always check the weather and forecasting before leaving home, we use Wind Guru, the Met Office, XC Weather and Magic Seaweed for wave heights and forecasting websites.
  • Check the tides for your trip, make sure you have enough depth at the destination port and especially the emergency ports of call. Also be aware of Spring tides around headlands, “wind against tide” can catch a lot of people out.
  • Daily engine checks are a must, engine oil, gear oil, coolant, strainers and the like all need to be checked and make sure you have the spares on board.
  • Make sure your crew are fully trained in using emergency and life saving equipment, using the VHF radio and actively using fenders and warps whilst communicating effectively with the helm / skipper in charge.
  • To go with passage planning above, check your charts are up to date, and you know your limits and the range of your vessel. Beware of Navigational Dangers out there and changes to them. Please subscribe to M Notices notifications from the MCA by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You are welcome to book in some time with our Capt. Ben Harris for further training and refresher courses if required.
Finally we also had some great spring news with the arrival of our Captain Ben Harris third child – Ethan weighing in at 8lb 7oz!  Ben has amazingly still managed to carry on with his duties balancing work and home life! Congratulations Ben and his family.


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