One of our Swedish clients has recently purchased a Fairline Targa 52 and is currently being refitted at Portland Marina in preparation for a delivery to Sweden by sea. The engine and generators are being serviced and carpets replaced.
Our Captain, Ben Harris, relays his comments from the delivery from Southampton to Portland.
“A smooth transition from one successful delivery to another that takes us from Southampton Ocean Village to Portland. Prompt changeover of crew and fresh minds on the job for a late afternoon / early evening sunset passage to the west.
We arrive at Southampton Ocean Village Dock office to pick up the keys and if anyone has been on a delivery with me, then you know how much kit I have, that includes all the safety equipment, flares, life jackets, charts and not forgetting tools and spares for the just in cases. The dock office takes one look at us with kit and then with a big grin comments on where the boat is located within the marina. A good 15 minute walk away! I noted with an equal grin back that he could drop us around in his tender, which he kindly did. What a leisurely entrance to yet another JD Yachts special.
We eagerly jumped aboard another powerful beast with beautiful Caterpillar engines that will whisk us away at low revs. Having done the checks and proceeded slowly whilst listening to the marine traffic noise on VHF Channel 12, we slowly open her up to a comfortable 25 knots.
A gentle run through the western Solent heading quickly towards Hurst Castle with not a boat in sight. The sun is low in the sky and with our passage plan we are turning on the in shore path towards Swanage, and a stunning sunset ahead. The views are breath taking and a clear sign that the weather is getting better.
Keeping a constant check on engine revs, speed, charts, plotters, crew, water ahead and missing all those crab pots around Anvil Point, we slow down with reduced visibility and look to the strong pulse of the radar feedback, tuning the gain and offshore clutter we are still able to see objects ahead with clarity.
Light still in the sky and it is not long before we reach the entrance of Portland Harbour; this vessel is a dream to drive, and a delivery I truly enjoyed especially with the differing weather. This job is never a bore and throws everything at you to challenge the brain!
Gently alongside and the Targa 52 securely tied up, we connect the shore power charging the big batteries and message the owner including JD's Justin and Darren of the safe arrival. This is one big baby!

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