Portland – Stockholm – 984 miles – 59 hours at sea – Another successful delivery by our Captain Ben Harris who shares his diaries below:
With dense fog forecasted the next day, I took the decision to depart earlier than planned. 11pm departure from Portland Marina on Sunday night to Dover Marina for refuelling in the morning. The night was very still with no wind, plenty of stars in the sky and a chill in the air. We cruised very smoothly, constantly monitoring the radar and maintaining a good look out. Surprisingly there are few shipping movements heading north east towards Rotterdam to Den Helder. On arrival to Den Helder we are greeted by a smile from the young lady on the fuel pontoon, we refuel and head to my favourite stop over, Oudeschild on the Isle of Texel. The next morning we head around the Island of Texel to the Kiel Canal Germany.
The conditions were perfect cruising along with the hub hub of the Caterpillar engines on approach to a beautiful Island just to the north of the shipping lanes. Another refuel and on to the Elbe River, passing the elegant and surreal wind farms. Mid-afternoon arrival at the Kiel Canal and through the lock. A slower pace of life as always down the canal to a lovely little anchorage for the night.
Day 4:
We made our way to the exit of the canal and we were then straight in to the Baltic with a head sea and current against us, which slowed the pace. A refuel at a little marina to the west of Ystad and then direct to Kalmer marina, taking in the lovely sunsets located South East of Sweden Point. Cautious to avoid a huge storm showing up on radar, talk about one extreme to another, sun then rainstorm followed then by a massive bolt of lightning which was some miles away.
Day 5:
Arrival to Kalmer.
Early start with usual checks then set out northwards on route to our final destination Stockholm. We set about taking it in turns to make sure the Fairline Targa 52 looked perfect for the owner, a good clean on the way. Bags packed ready on deck.
Sweden’s east coast is stunning and well worth a visit. Working our way around the islands to arrive on an island 25 miles south from our destination to be greeted by a big smile, the owner waiting on the dock. Another hour and a half to the boat’s new home. I handed over the controls to the owner and sat and watched him navigate his new pride and joy through these lovely islands. I felt like I was getting the guided tour of his local waters. On arrival to his mooring we met his family as they jumped on board and instantly made coffee and presented us with some wonderful traditional Swedish sweet bread. Perfect!


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