It’s not easy gaining peoples trust, it takes hard work and honesty and over time you hope to gain the trust and respect of your clients and peers. Justin and I have worked damn hard over the last 12 years to build up JD Yachts reputation, it’s the most important part of the business to us and you can’t help it being personal. It’s not something you can detach yourself from when you build a company up from the ground, it is our lively hood and we never take it for granted.
We realised early on it was not enough for us to be just brokers that facilitate the seller and the buyer through a purchase as there is so much more to do than that for our clients. We board so many boats and the first impression to the client is of disappointment, as with all things time and use will show with wear and tear on boats of 10 years or more, even with the most diligent of owners and light use will show signs of their age and this is where so many clients have to compromise, go smaller to get a newer feel or up the ever growing budget.
There is another way and that is to buy the right boat for your needs and upgrade and customise it to your specification and the end result is amazing, you get a fresh new interior up to date electronics and your choice in soft furnishings. You can peel back the years with updated cockpit upholstery, new graphics, decals and brand badges that have faded, refurbished gel coat and teak and new dash board panels, recovered helm seats in your choice of soft nappa leather. All of this can be estimated before the purchase is completed to make sure it fits your budget. We are finding that with the clients that know and have heard of our reputation for detail and have put their trust in the work we have carried out on their behalf are ending up with the boat that they wanted, with the life breathed back in to them at the budget they wanted to spend.
Here we have a Fairline Squadron 58 we finished on behalf of our client this week, delivered to his home berth by sea with him at the helm. The difference the updates he has chosen is shown clearly in the footage. Our client put his trust in us to find him a Fairline Squadron 58 for a budget that would allow for the updates and be ready for the coming season, he achieved that on all levels and we wish him and his family the best of times on board.
If you are not finding the boat that fits your needs and budget and would like help stop by the office or give us a call.

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