Earlier this month we followed our captain as he travelled some 850 nautical miles, relocating our client’s Fairline Targa 50 Open from Portland Marina in the UK to Stromstad on the west coast of Sweden. As he travelled across the English Channel and along the West side of the continent, we were pleased to receive updates and photographs along the way!
Setting Sail from Portland Marina
Dover: Gateway to the Continent
After leaving Portland Marina, the Targa made her way along the South Coast of the UK on to the iconic port of Dover, known by many as the gateway to the continent. As the sun rose and the white cliffs illuminated, it gave the perfect view from the helm.
Scheveningen: A Taste of Dutch Hospitality
Having crossed the English Channel, the Targa arrived in the beautiful seaside town of Scheveningen in The Netherlands. The charming harbour offered blue skies and calm waters, a perfect stop off.
Heligoland: A Remote Oasis
As our captain continued his journey, the Targa reached the remote island of Heligoland in the North Sea. Measuring just 0.4 square miles, this small but picturesque island is always the highlight of the trip.
Brunsbuttel: The Gateway to the Baltic
The final stop before arriving at Stromstad was the town of Brunsbuttel, a key port for accessing the Kiel Canal, which connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. Navigating the canal is always a unique experience, offering a brief respite from the open sea.
Stromstad, Sweden: Journey's End
After navigating through the Kiel Canal, our captain safely arrived in Stromstad, Sweden. Travelling around 850 nautical miles over 5 days, the Targa handled beautifully and passed some truly stunning coastal locations on the way.


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