As we now wrap up a busy year for the team at JD Yachts and Christmas is looming, we finish the year with the completion of our client’s gorgeous Sunseeker Manhattan 73 ‘Roaming Spur’ in Mallorca.
With her joyous new owners accompanying her relocation to Malta, we hope that each time onboard is as enjoyable as their first. We are sure they will make many lasting memories onboard with family and friends.
As we leave 2022 and all that it held behind us and look ahead to 2023, perhaps you are thinking that 2023 is the year for you…
The year for you to upgrade your vessel, the year for you to move from sailboat to motorboat, or perhaps it is the year for you to find your sea legs for the first time.
Whichever it may be, our team are here for you.
The team at JD Yachts would like to wish all our clients and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Authors – Jessica & Isabelle


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