We are snaking through a minefield of waterborne exotica in search of the perfect empty patch of blue for some aerial footage. That, however, is a tall order when the location is the anchorage between the Lérins Islands off Cannes at the end of August.
There are so many boats jostling for anchoring space they have effectively formed a chain of luxurious stepping stones that you could walk between the islands on.
We find a handkerchief-sized dollop of turquoise water over white sand, which should look tasty from the drone, and hover a couple of feet off the bow of an Italian-flagged Sunseeker Camargue.
The owner marches down the side deck to, I assume, tell us to keep our anchor away from his but in fact he enquires as to the make and model of the boat we’re on. “It’s a Fairline Targa 43,” our skipper replies from the foredeck. Our friend sticks up his thumb and smiles: “Nice!”

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