This is a sumptuous Sunseeker Yacht 75, a fine example for its age having just gone through a refit.
007 James Bond styling with the RIB, Jet ski, topsides and hull all in black. Polished beautifully and even after 890 miles she still looks brand new.
The interior with protective carpet coverings, in preparation for the delivery, felt that she was fresh out of the factory, the new plotters and black dashboard all fit this lush decor of a Sunseeker Yacht 75. All the luxury cabins have ensuite and certainly suitable, without a doubt, for the Royal Family!
Delivering this magnificent Sunseeker Yacht 75 was a real pleasure, in 5 star comforts. The crew when not on watch relaxed watching movies on a flat screen with cinema surround sound. Crew on watch, with 1st mate and captain found engine checks simple with the on-board CCTV and the engine bay was big enough to run round!
Driving her through the English channel and up in to the north sea was perfectly executed with the on-board systems and she was big enough not to feel the wake / wash of the other ships so not to wake sleepy off watch crew. In a head sea with the trim tabs down, the Sunseeker Yacht 75 took it in her stride chewing up the miles without a hint of any problems.
Confined space movement was made simple with the bow, stern thrusters and stern CCTV not to mention the great views on the fly bridge to all angles of the yacht. Taking the helm from down below was accessed with ease from the side deck and rear patio cockpit doors.
All in all this Sunseeker is fit for a King and his Queen which was certainly the case on arrival to Sweden, where the owners were delighted to see her in all her glory!


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