Dublin to Weymouth
I always love a delivery from Ireland and one of the reasons is that I’m a quarter Irish and they have a lovely sense of humour over there!
This particular delivery was slightly delayed due a windy spell and high waves on the Irish Sea. I always get a good indication of what the following day has in hold when flying in to Dublin and over the sea. There were a few remaining seahorses presenting themselves.
The Sealine S34 is a lovely boat with two solid Volvo Penta engines. A simple cockpit layout for a small family or a few friends enjoying a good day out on the water. Down below two cabins, one shower / toilet and combined galley and saloon will best serve anyone wanting a quick weekend getaway.  
Everything on the Sealine is incredibly easy to use and you don’t even need to think where fuses boxes or the battery isolators are because this is a common sense boat with everything placed to hand.
On the water and heading out to the Irish Sea on course for South Wales and the English Channel, the wind was behind me, trim tabs up. The boat was cruising with ease for what should be a coastal boat but with the ambition to head out to a good sea. Sitting at the helm the view was excellent ahead and astern, with all the controls / switches to hand, the slight down fall was the position of the plotter, but this could be rectified very easily.
The boat over a distance of 380 nautical miles handled beautifully with the elegance of a solid British sports cruiser. The owner now enjoying every aspect of her on the English Riviera.

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