Posted by JD Yachts | 17th August 2017
Picking up where her bigger sisters left off, the Wider 130 is bringing fuel-efficient diesel-electric propulsion to the smaller megayacht market. Simultaneously, Wider Yachts is making this new model capable of accommodating bigger owners’ parties.
Under construction on spec, the Wider 130 has more than 2,150 square feet (200 square meters) of on-deck space. This ranges from the aft bridge deck to the foredeck hot tub and down to the beach club. Potential buyers will also appreciate the 27’6” (8.4-meter) beam. As much as creature comforts are important to Wider, its big focus is damping sound and vibration while boosting operational efficiency. That’s why the Wider 130 features a similar propulsion package to Bartali, the Wider 150, as well as the Wider 165 currently under construction.
The megayacht should be able to run systems at anchor on batteries alone, essentially silently, for six hours. The electric motors, with pod drives, are quieter than traditional diesels, too, plus vibrate less. Furthermore, Wider says the yacht should burn just 22 gph (84 lph) at 10 knots, additionally seeing 3,400 nautical miles at that speed. And, Wider’s proprietary power-management system should balance draws from the gensets and the stored power in the batteries.
The compact nature of the propulsion system means a smaller engine room, and more relaxation space. That’s a significant reason why the Wider 130 can accommodate a 12-person owner’s party. Since the megayacht is for sale, Wider’s in-house design team will work with you and even a designer of your choice to tailor the arrangement. Surely, though, you’ll keep the master full beam forward on the main deck. It additionally features a balcony.
That concept of indoor-outdoor enjoyment extends to the bridge deck. Here in the skylounge, Wider’s team suggests sliding-glass doors to remain open. That gives you 915 square feet (85 square meters) of space for cocktail parties, family gatherings, and more.
Floor-to-ceiling windows in the saloon and lowering bulwarks to each side of it make taking in the sights more pleasurable. As to where exactly you can visit, the Wider 130 should have a 3,400-nautical-mile range at 10 knots. Anticipated top speed: 14 knots. Shallow anchorages are also accessible, due to the 6’6” (2-meter) draft. Drop the anchor, ask the seven-person crew to deploy the PWCs from beneath the foredeck sunpads and other toys from the garage, and you’re all set.
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Posted by JD Yachts | 10th August 2017
In response to red diesel fines that occurred in Belgium at the end of June and earlier this month, the RYA has been in communication with the relevant UK and European authorities, with a view to encouraging them to find a solution to the discrepancy between the laws in Belgium and the UK.
The UK has still not heard anything further concerning the infraction proceedings that the RYA reported had been threatened in 2014. The Belgian Government has seemingly not been prepared to wait for that due process to be followed, resulting in UK boaters receiving fines.  
Last week, however, VVW Nieuwpoort Marina announced that Belgian Government will no longer be checking recreational craft for red diesel, as a common European approach is to be discussed at a meeting on the matter in September. The RYA has proactively sought to verify this information and has been assured that British yachts can enter Belgian ports without fear of being fined, at present.
Developing situation
The RYA contacted the Secretary of State of the North Sea’s office (the source of VVW Nieuwpoort Marina’s information) to request formal confirmation that Belgian Customs would no longer be checking pleasure craft for red diesel.
The response indicated that, due to the Secretary of State of the North Sea’s intervention, a temporary decision has been taken by the Minister of Finance to take a more tolerant approach.
That said, it also made it clear that it was outside the Secretary of State’s jurisdiction to provide the RYA with formal confirmation that British boaters can travel to Belgium with red diesel in the tanks of their pleasure craft without the risk of being fined.
The RYA was also told that Secretary of State of the North Sea was also unable to guarantee that customs officers would not continue to conduct checks. Our request for official confirmation that British boaters can travel to Belgium with red diesel in the tanks of their pleasure craft without the risk of being fined was therefore referred to the Minister of Finance’s office.
Uniform approach
Subsequently, the Minister of Finance’s office advised that due to there being different treatment on how the use of red diesel in pleasure craft is dealt with in different EU member states, Belgian customs has suspended all controls until there has been a debate at EU level to ensure a uniform approach in all member states. This debate is expected to take place on 18 September 2017.
The correspondence from the Minister of Finance’s office stated: “This means that British yachts can enter Belgian ports without fear of being fined.”
It should however be noted that this is not a change to the Belgian legislation. It is simply a statement that the law will not be enforced in the short term. The anticipated outcome of the EU level debate is uniform treatment on the use of red diesel in all EU ports, which we have been assured will be clearly notified.
Help us to help you
The RYA will keep Members updated as this situation progresses, however it would appear that until mid-September Belgian ports can once again be visited without risking a fine for having red diesel in vessels’ tanks.
In order to maintain a clear picture of this developing situation, the RYA would urge anyone who is fined in Belgium for having red diesel in their tanks to email giving as much detail as possible.
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Posted by JD Yachts | 2nd August 2017
Our safety on the water should always be a high priority, but is often something we can take for granted and especially when our minds are focused on enjoying and making the most of our time afloat.  With the full support of the MCA, the RYA SafeTrx app promotes enjoyable boating, a safe mind set and good practice.
RYA SafeTrx monitors your boat journeys and alerts designated emergency contacts should you fail to arrive on time. Ideal for windsurfers, kite surfers and competitive sailing enthusiasts, RYA SafeTrx also offers a quick start feature that starts recording at the touch of a button and allows you to re-live trips using the track playback feature.
New for 2017!
This summer sees a number of exciting enhancements to the RYA SafeTrx app:
  • Social Sharing: Give friends and family peace of mind ashore by sharing your real-time location with on a live map, and allow them track you while you’re on the water.
  • Message Alerts: Improved message notifications mean that RYA SafeTrx mobile app users will be able to see incoming messages more clearly.
  • Improved Emergency Contact Selection: Select subset of emergency contacts to communicate with when starting a Sail Plan trip.
  • Quick Access to SafeTrx Tools: ‘Force Touch’ functionality to iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 so that end users can quickly initiate an emergency call, a Sail Plan trip or Track Only mode trip at the touch of the app icon button on the home screen.
How to subscribe – for free
You must be registered on the RYA website to use the app, registration is free and can be done here, once registered, you can download the app and sign in.
RYA SafeTrx is free to download from Apple's App store and the Google Play store. Once downloaded, boaters can run unlimited free trips using the app. In addition to the Sail Plan mode, the app has a tracking option called Track Only mode; ideal for windsurfers, kite surfers, dinghy sailors and powerboat enthusiasts. This enables boaters to analyse their speed and performance on the water while racing or cruising.

Google Store
Requires Android’s OS 4.0 and above

Apple Store
Requires Apple’s iOS 8.0 and above

RYA SafeTrx is a widely accessible tool that any boater can use when going out on the water. While it is not intended to replace GMDSS, EPIRB, PLB, AIS or the Coastguard administered CG66, it is especially useful for those who use smaller boats such as RIBs, open powerboats and dinghies and those who do not have tracking and alerting devices on their boats.
The RYA are currently running a competition to win a GoPro Hero Black, visit this page to see more details!
Posted by JD Yachts | 27th July 2017
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